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January 28th – Correction #2


January 28th – Correction #2

12pm 12:00pm

BASEBALL clinic for Saturday 28th will be at Bolles H.S at Noon (12-2pm)
Bring your gear, as live pitching will be available.
Dress for the cold, it will only be about 55 this day.

SOFTBALL clinic for Saturday 28th will be at Trinity HS at Noon. (12-2pm)
You have a intra-squad game, be sure to bring equipment.
Dress for the cold, as I know you SB guys may need your jackets and long john’s.

Also, we have a meeting scheduled for (2/5) at Union Hall which is Sunday at Noon.
Season is just around the corner, make sure equipment is right along with uniforms.
Use this Saturday as a day to make sure you are ready for the season. By now most of you should be set up on Arbiter for your scheduled games, please make sure your checking for updates on a regular basis.

January 28th – Correction #22017-01-25T09:56:28-05:00

Baseball Jan 28th-Correction


Baseball Jan 28th-Correction




Baseball at Bolles High School is at 10am NOT 12pm


I believe the 1st email said 12pm.


So make sure you set your alarms clock early so you can be there in time.


Be there BEFORE 10AM!!!!

Baseball Jan 28th-Correction2017-01-24T10:52:42-05:00
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2016 Meetings and Clinics


2016 Meetings and Clinics
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2016 Meetings and Clinics

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