RCUA IS LOOKING FOR UMPIRES!!! We are recruiting new Umpires for the new season. Never to soon to start training! We offer the best trained umpires for any Baseball or Softball High School games! No experience necessary! We will train you to Umpire starting from the basics. Contact us if you are interested.

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President: Aaron Knowles                 321-652-9133
Vice-President: Victor Lugo               (904) 707-5143
Commissioner: Terry Padgett            (904) 879-6442
Treasurer: Steve Kilpatrick                (904) 226-5204
Secretary: Ken Meyer                       (904) 868-8339
Sergeant-at-Arms:Scott Martin          (904) 430-7208
Member-at-Large: Gary Roberson    (904) 225-6197


Rolando Almaguer – Webmaster (904) 236-3433