Rule books from FHSAA will no longer be hard copy.  They will be online through Arbiter only.  However, you can still purchase hard copy books from NFHS directly.

Here’s the info from Arbiter/FHSAA:


This email is in regards to the 2017-2018 rulebooks. As many of you know, a hard copy version of the rulebooks will not be available this season from the FHSAA. The hard copy versions of the rulebooks have been replaced by an electronic version that is avaiable through the Arbiter in the NFHS- Central Hub account. Attached you will find a PowerPoint with step by step instructions on how to access the rulebooks.

Currently the NFHS has the 16-17 rulebooks posted, but are working on getting final approval from their publication department to get them posted. To start Swimming & Diving rule books should be posted by the end of this week. This being said if there continue to be delays we will adjust the testing windows for the sports that are effected by this.


​Jeremy Hernandez

Dropbox file: Rulebook- How to Access.pptx