Our next membership meeting will be held this Sunday, February 20th @ 12PM
Teamsters Local 512 Union Hall
1210 Lane Ave North
Jacksonville 32254
ALL members are strongly encouraged to attend!  The E Board welcomes your participation! 
    **You will be able to pay RCUA dues ($45), turn in availability sheets, and order RCUA    dri-fit t shirts ($18 thru XL  $20 XXL up) 
    ** RCUA will be running a 50/50 raffle $1 per ticket or $5 for six tickets 
Exam dates:
Baseball, Softball – January 27-February 21
***Failure to complete the exam will result in being ineligible at all levels for the remainder of the season.
***Officials have one opportunity to complete the exam and can log in and out as many times as needed prior to the exam deadline.  Log into FHSAA Central Hub thru your Arbiter account to access your test 

***A score lower than the required 75% will result in an official being eligible for sub-varsity level only unless the association requests a waiver to the FHSAA office once the final scores have been provided to each association.
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