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Season has Started


Fellow Umpires,

     The season is HERE and it’s off to a roaring start there is a chance of rain ALL WEEK…..Check arbiter 2 – 3 times a day for changes  DO NOT DEPEND on the Commissioners calling if your game changes.


Please contact the school to verify game, time,date, and location (DON’T FORGET TO ASK ABOUT ANY COVID REQUIREMENTS BY THEIR SCHOOL)

Contact partner to discuss meeting time, location, dress etc….

Ensure as a representative of RCUA that you are following FHSAA -Contest Specific Considerations regarding COVID 19 Restrictions and Limitations.

Considerations for Umpires:

  • Bring personal hand sanitizer. Wash hands frequently
  • Do not share equipment.
  • Umpires should not handle equipment on the field during play.
  • Contact with the game balls should be limited.
  • Masks/cloth face coverings and disposable gloves will be permitted.
  • Line ups should be handed to the umpire, the umpire will verbally approve or ask any questions. Line up exchange with opposing coach and scorekeeper should be done electronically via text or photo.
  • The verbal exchange of substitutions should occur 6’ from the coach to the scorer and opposing team when making lineup changes.
  • Keep catcher and batter at a 6’ distance when dusting off the plate.
  • Base umpires should maintain 6’ from any player as a starting position when rotated and/or counter rotated.
  • The umpire-in-chief should wear a face mask behind the plate.
  • Clean equipment after each game.
  • Follow social distancing guidelines. Consider six feet minimum distance when talking to others (players, coaches, other umpires) at plate meetings.
  • Do not shake hands and follow pre and post-game ceremony guidelines established by state associations.
  • Evaluate pre-existing health conditions.

If the pitcher puts her hands to her mouth and touches the ball, “Time” is called, a new ball is inserted and the pitcher must sanitize her hands before throwing the next pitch.RCUA

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January 28th – Correction #2


January 28th – Correction #2

12pm 12:00pm

BASEBALL clinic for Saturday 28th will be at Bolles H.S at Noon (12-2pm)
Bring your gear, as live pitching will be available.
Dress for the cold, it will only be about 55 this day.

SOFTBALL clinic for Saturday 28th will be at Trinity HS at Noon. (12-2pm)
You have a intra-squad game, be sure to bring equipment.
Dress for the cold, as I know you SB guys may need your jackets and long john’s.

Also, we have a meeting scheduled for (2/5) at Union Hall which is Sunday at Noon.
Season is just around the corner, make sure equipment is right along with uniforms.
Use this Saturday as a day to make sure you are ready for the season. By now most of you should be set up on Arbiter for your scheduled games, please make sure your checking for updates on a regular basis.

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FHSAA Registrations


It has come to our attention that the application for new or returning officials link that was emailed out was for the old registration form. The new registration form will not include the $20 processing fee and you will find the new link below. Please make sure you share the new link with your officials that have not registered yet.

The FHSAA is currently experiencing an interruption in the official’s online registration system.


Effective immediately, due to this unexpected service interruption, spring registrations will be accepted using one (1) of the following methods.


By Mail: 


By Phone:


Doris Mahoney
(352) 372-9551 Ext. 130


Jana Horton Kowitz
(352) 372-9551 Ext. 290


When calling the FHSAA, please be prepared to provide specific registration information and credit card payment over the phone.

Registration deadlines:

Softball, Baseball – 2/21/17

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.  Please understand we’re working as quickly as possible to improve your registration and online experience.

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