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I misprinted the 15-run rule in the Handbook and Guidebook. It should state “after 2 ½ or 3 complete innings”. You definitely wouldn’t need to play the bottom half of the inning if it wasn’t necessary. I’ve also clarified this in both the Coaches and Officials rules presentation too. So, hopefully this will clear it up.




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Here you will find Rules, Rules changes and more.

Softball Pregame Checklist


Softball – One Page Bat List (Unapproved Bats)

NFHS Softball Videos – Training





DP Flex Notes

April-2009 Base Mechanics 3 Umpires Revised

2011 NFHS Softball Points of Emphasis(pdf)

Comments on the 2011 NFHS Softball Rules Changes(pdf)

RCUA Softball

2010 ASA Rules Changes
ASA has announced its Rule Changes for the 2010 season (effective January 1, 2010). These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Pitching distance for 16-U A/B Fast Pitch classifications to 43 feet
  • Pitching distance for 18-U A/B Fast Pitch classifications to 43 feet
  • Metal cleats will now be allowed in 16-U and 18-U ALL divisions of play in J.O. Fast Pitch
  • The pitching arch height for all divisions of slow pitch is now 6-10 feet
  • The Double Base… Half of the base is white (fair) and half of the base (foul) is a contrasting color
  • No electronic equipment to include cell phones, pagers, etc. is allowed to be worn or carried on the playing field
  • Click here for the complete 2010 rule changes with comments

RCUA Softball

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