RCUA General Meeting Dec 2nd 2018

All RCUA Members,
The strength of an organization is in its membership all members are encourage to participate and be active, not just on the playing field. Your input is always appreciated,,,,see you SUNDAY.
Time: 1 pm
Items to remember: (if you have not submitted)
Dues: New Members $35.00
Old Members $25.00




·        The season is fast approaching, we will have a meeting in Nov. And Dec. please circle these dates on your calendar.

·        Meeting location and time:

o   Teamsters Union Hall – 1210 Lane Ave N, Jacksonville, FL 32254

o   1 pm

November 4th

December 2nd 

·        The 2018-19 dues will be as follow:

New Members   $35.00

Old Members     $25.00-after December meeting $35.00

·        Final item

***All please send me a personal/ separate email if you are NOT returning as a member of River City Umpires during the 2018-19 season at mrump54@gmail.com


2018-19 Baseball Rules Changes Focus on Pitching Mechanics

2018-19 Baseball Rules Changes Focus on Pitching Mechanics
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Elliot Hopkins




INDIANAPOLIS, IN (July 5, 2018) — The elimination of the requirement for the entire pivot foot to be in contact with the pitcher’s plate is among the changes approved for the 2018-19 high school baseball season.
This revision in Rule 6-1-3 was one of three changes recommended by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Baseball Rules Committee at its June 3-5 meeting in Indianapolis. All changes were subsequently approved by the NFHS Board of Directors.
“We are very fortunate that the state of high school baseball is in an excellent position, which is indicative of the few rules changes that were passed,” said Elliot Hopkins, NFHS director of sports and student services and staff liaison for baseball. “We appreciate the hard work of dedicated coaches who, in addition to minimizing risk associated with the sport, teach the game in a way that makes our young people enjoy playing for their high school. We must also acknowledge the highly professional and responsible game umpires. Without their thorough knowledge and implementation of NFHS rules, we would not be able to enjoy the small injury rate and increase in player participation.”
The rationale behind the change to Rule 6-1-3 is a result of the difficulty for pitchers to consistently make contact with the pitcher’s plate when pivoting. Before starting the delivery,
the pitcher shall stand with his entire non-pivot foot in front of a line extending through the front edge of the pitcher’s plate and with the pivot foot in contact with or directly in front of and parallel to the pitcher’s plate.
“The committee concluded that many pitching mounds are such that it is problematic for a pitcher to have his entire pivot foot in contact with the pitcher’s plate,” Hopkins said. “Therefore, no advantage is gained by having some of the pivot foot not in direct contact with the pitcher’s plate.”
The committee also approved two new umpire signals. The two new signals, indicating calls for “Correct Rotation” and “Information Available,” were approved to further improve communication between partners.
“It is always wise to be able to communicate clearly with your partner(s) during a game,” Hopkins said. “With so many moving parts (defensive players, base runners, umpires), it is imperative that umpires communicate easily and inconspicuously from players and fans. These mechanics say a lot without brining attention to the signaling umpire.”
The “Correct Rotation” signal comes when in a three- or four-man mechanic, the umpires indicate to their partner(s) where they are rotating to a specific base for coverage of an anticipated play. The umpire(s) points with both hands in the direction of the base that they are moving toward.
To assist in providing pertinent information between partners, the “Information Available” signal occurs when the game umpire is indicating that he/she has some information that is relevant to their partner by tapping two times over the left chest (heart).
Additionally, the NFHS Rules Review Committee extended the implementation date to January 1, 2020, for baseballs to meet the NOCSAE standard.
According to the 2016-17 NFHS High School Athletics Participation Survey, there are 491,790 boys participating in baseball at 15,979 schools across the country, and 1,145 girls playing the sport in 269 schools.
A complete listing of the baseball rules changes will be available on the NFHS website at www.nfhs.org. Click on “Activities & Sports” at the top of the home page, and select “Baseball.”

Officials Registration for 2018-2019 IS OPEN!

Officials Registration for 2018-2019 IS OPEN!

Please register for baseball, softball or both as soon as possible.  You’ll need to sign into ArbiterSports in order to begin and complete the registration process. 

Registrations for the 2018-2019 sports season are still set to open today. We did come across a couple of minor issues on Friday during the final testing session and are currently working with Arbiter to correct those issuses. Once these issues have been corrected registrations for 2018-2019 will go live.

It is highly recommended that you use Google Chrome or Firefox as your web browser for the registration process.

Also, for the 2018-2019 season officials will receive access to the NFHS Rules App for their phone, tablets, etc. Instructions on how to receive access will be posted on the main home page of the FHSAA Central Hub, on the left side under Electronic Rulebooks, http://fhsaa.arbitersports.com/front/103524/Site.



2018-19 Registration Deadlines

Baseball and Softball Initial Deadline – 1/18/2019

Final Deadline 2/8/2019

FHSAA will be using Smitty Shirts staring May 1, 2018

FHSAA will be using Smitty Shirts staring May 1, 2018

FHSAA Contest Official’s Apparel


The Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) and Smitty Official’s Apparel have entered into a three-year agreement to have Smitty serve as the exclusive provider of official’s apparel for the FHSAA. As part of the agreement the four vendors listed below have been approved to sell and distribute apparel across the state. FHSAA officials can begin purchasing apparel from the four approved vendors beginning on May 1st.

Click on images to be taken to website…

1 Stop Sports Gerry Davis Sports
Hudson 51 Purchase Officials


FHSAA will be using Smitty Shirts staring May 1, 2018

March 4th Meeting

Meeting Reminder:

General Meeting

Sunday, March 4th

Noon – 1:30 PM

Teamsters Building – Lane Avenue

Checks will be available.

If you want someone else to pick up your check please let Steve Kilpatrick know BEFORE the meeting. Also, remember that once your check is turned over to another official it is your responsibility to get with that other official to collect your check.

Catholic League is scheduled to start on/around March 13th. If you want to officiate Catholic League games but didn’t let Terry know already, then please contact him soon.


Rule Books

Rule books from FHSAA will no longer be hard copy.  They will be online through Arbiter only.  However, you can still purchase hard copy books from NFHS directly.

Here’s the info from Arbiter/FHSAA:


This email is in regards to the 2017-2018 rulebooks. As many of you know, a hard copy version of the rulebooks will not be available this season from the FHSAA. The hard copy versions of the rulebooks have been replaced by an electronic version that is avaiable through the Arbiter in the NFHS- Central Hub account. Attached you will find a PowerPoint with step by step instructions on how to access the rulebooks.

Currently the NFHS has the 16-17 rulebooks posted, but are working on getting final approval from their publication department to get them posted. To start Swimming & Diving rule books should be posted by the end of this week. This being said if there continue to be delays we will adjust the testing windows for the sports that are effected by this.


​Jeremy Hernandez

Dropbox file: Rulebook- How to Access.pptx