Welcome RCUA New Members!!!!


Our purpose is to provide New Members with information as soon as possible regarding our River City Umpires Association and FHSAA (Florida High School Athletic Association.

As a new member it is important to stay in touch with us and attend as many training opportunities as possible.

We are proud of our association which has some of the best officials for High School baseball as anyone. They are unselfish and willing to help new members along. Important aspects of officiating are sharing knowledge and having continual training available along with periodic evaluations. It is what makes an association strong.

New Members

RCUA IS LOOKING FOR UMPIRES!!! We are recruiting new Umpires for the new season. Never to soon to start training! We offer the best trained umpires for any Baseball or Softball High School games! No experience necessary! We will train you to Umpire starting from the basics. Contact us if you are interested.

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New FHSAA Registration Information

Very important information about how to register with FHSAA for the coming year!

Please read the Arbiter – FHSAA – Leadership Presentation by clicking on this link.


You must register with FHSAA. Visit www.fhsaa.org

Online Official Registration Fees – Online Application


Officials Fees


$25 returning Members ($35 if paid after the December meeting), $35 new Members


 Check FHSAA.org for FHSAA registration fees


Returning officials, log into FHSAA at https://officials.fhsaa.org to renew registration online.

Want to become an official? Visit www.becomeanofficial.org today for step-by-step instructions on how to get started. You will also find a directory there were you can search by county and by sport to find a local officials association in your area.